TRUE HERO® Final Results
July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

How to enter

Win Grant Money for Your Community Service Projects

The TRUE HERO™ organization will award money for community service project expenses to qualified high school, colleges and community organizations. The awards will be granted to those student community service projects receiving the most eligible votes from the general public, with a minimum of 10 votes received, during the current school year (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014). In order to be eligible to win, the student community service project must involve at least three volunteers younger than 23 years old. See contest rules for more details.

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What you can win

$15,000 in Awards for 2014

For community service projects posted during the school year beginning in July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 with at least 10 votes received, the True Hero™ organization will award up to  13 grants, totaling $15,000, divided into the following categories:


  • Top Five College Projects

    $2,000, $1,500 and three $1,000 awards, respectively
  • Top Five High School Projects

    $2,000, $1,500 and three $1,000 awards, respectively
  • Top Community Youth Organization Project
    (middle schools or non-schools)

    One $1,000 award 
  • Top Two Viewed Service Project Videos Posted on YouTube
    (most views)

    Two $500 awards 

    Additional awards for more schools may become available for the Annual Competition beginning July 1, 2013, if sufficient donations and corporate sponsorships are received by True Hero, Inc. prior to June 1, 2014.   See the Donate page and Sponsor page for more details.

It is FREE for your school or qualified community organization to submit your community service projects for award consideration.
Post a community service project and enter the requested information, including your school/organization, contact information, project description, location, category, etc. You will be given a member ID and password that will enable you to enter up to five community service projects for that member for each school year. You will also be able to update and edit your project information as the school year progresses, including posting photos, testimonials and links to YouTube video of your project, if available.

How to vote

Vote for Your Favorite Community Service Projects

Help us select the winning community service projects. View active community service projects, their descriptions, locations, categories and sponsoring schools/organizations and drill down for more information, including photos, testimonials, contact information, and video links, if any. Then VOTE for your favorite community service project(s) by selecting the designated "VOTE for ME" button next to the community service project. We will ask your e-mail address and will then e-mail you to confirm your vote. Only one vote from each e-mail address for a community service project will be counted. See contest rules for more voting information.

Recent News

*   Blue Mountain has just launched a True Hero e-greeting card that is now available.  It is FREE to recognize your favorite true hero volunteers by sending them the True Hero e-card from Blue Mountain.  We appreciate the work and creativity of one of our primary corporate sponsors, American Greetings Corporation.

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*  True Hero, Inc has received approval from the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3).  Your tax deductible donations are used to fund more cash awards to schools, enabling them to sponsor more student service projects.  THANKS for supporting the TRUE HERO Mission.



Welcome to the TRUE HERO™ Competition is one of the fastest growing showcases for community service projects on the internet.  Since going live in early 2009, over 73,000 people have voted for one of the 290 student community service projects posted on the website, over 50,000 have viewed a service project video linked to YouTube™, and approximately 17,000 student volunteers participated in these projects.


True Hero community service projects are reaching the far corners of the globe… Marquette students are connecting inner-city kids in Milwaukee to their peers in South Africa over the internet…Cornell students are providing solar powered laptops to a school in Kenya…Saint Anselm College students are raising money for a school in Afghanistan...Philadelphia vocational high school students are working construction in Biloxi…These students are making a real difference in the lives of the people they serve.  The scope, ambition and diversity of the projects posted to date has been remarkable.  Press VIEW on the Navigation bar to see detailed descriptions of each project.

Our goal is to raise money and awareness for these heroic efforts in a fun way by using social networking, cash awards and popular voting.

Share your community service ideas, project experiences, and volunteer opportunities for kids on our truehero blog at

So Post your Project Today and Get the Vote Out.

Join the official True Hero "Cause" on Facebook and spread the word to all of your "friends".

John Carroll University

John Carroll University service trip to New Orleans.

Cornell University

Cornell students provide solar laptops to Mbaka Oromo school in Kenya.

Gilmour Academy - Gates Mills, OH

Gilmour Academy students assist orphanage in Honduras.

Saint Anselm College

Saint Anselm College students raise money for a school in Afghanistan.

Indiana University

Indiana University students create textbooks in collaboration with schools in Rwanda and Newark.

University of Cincinnati

Univ. of Cincinnati students work on "Serve Beyond Cincinnati" construction projects during Alternative Spring Breaks.

Mercy Vocational High School - Philadelphia, PA

Mercy Vocational students work construction in Mississippi for Katrina '09.

Check Presentation to Mercy Vocational - 8/31/09

Mike Merriman presents $5,000 check to Sr. Rosemary Herron, president, for top high school service project and most viewed video for 08/09 competition.


Supporting and celebrating the men and women, who bravely serve our country, by providing links to military benefits & education information (Resources).

GIFT TO YOUR TRUE HERO - True Hero™ Gift Card
funds charities that the recipient  chooses, including military causes (25% - selected at redemption) and True Hero, Inc. (75% as the "Featured Charity").
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