TRUE HERO® Final Results
July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter my community service projects into the contest?

Click on the “Post” button on the Navigation Bar and follow the instructions to register your school (or non-profit sponsoring organization), contact person and project information.

How will the winning community service projects be determined each school year?

The projects with the most eligible votes received, with a minimum of 10 votes, as of June 30th each year will be in contention to win awards for the school year just ended. Winning projects will be requested to input a reference letter from the organization that received benefit from the project. Reference letters must be posted to by August 1st, or TRUE HERO will select the next highest voted project with a reference letter for the next available prize.

Do I need pictures or video entered with my community service project in order to win a prize?

Pictures and videos are not necessary to win a prize, but they may help you attract more votes for your project if they help communicate your project’s mission and benefits.

What are the contest periods for which votes will be tabulated for my community service projects?

Votes will be tabulated for two contest periods for your projects. The “initial contest period” for your projects will run from the date (“registration date”) you post your community service projects to the website through the June 30th following your registration date.

Votes for all projects will then be re-set to zero on July 1 and the “second contest period” will begin for your project, which will end the following June 30.

All service projects will be removed from the website on the second anniversary of their registration date. Hopefully, you will be posting new projects each year that will be eligible for two contest periods.

How many grants will be awarded each school year?

A minimum of $15,000 in total grants will be awarded for the school year beginning July 1, 2013. The grants will be divided among the top five voted college projects, the top five voted high school projects, the top voted community organization sponsored project (including middle schools), and the top two voted videos posted on YouTube™ that year. Additional grants will be awarded for the school year ended June 30, 2014, if additional donations from individuals and/or corporate sponsors are received by True Hero, Inc. prior to June 1, 2014.

How do I vote for a community service project?

Click on either the “Vote” or “View” buttons on the Navigation Bar, find your favorite community service project, click on the “Vote” icon next to the community service project and follow the instructions to enter a valid e-mail address. Your vote will be recorded when you respond to our verification e-mail.

Can I vote for multiple community service projects?

Yes, you can vote for as many community service projects as you like during each contest period, but you can only vote once for a particular community service project. However, you can e-mail your friends to encourage them to vote for your favorite community service project.

How many community service projects can be entered or posted from the same school each year?

Each sponsoring college (two-year or four-year), high school or non-profit sponsoring organization can register (or post) up to 10 community service projects each school year ending June 30.

Can the same school win more than one prize each contest period?

Yes, but only one prize will be awarded to the same school (or non-profit sponsoring organization) in any contest period for the best service project that period. Additionally, a school is eligible to win a separate prize for the most viewed Service Project Video posted on YouTube that period.

For the Best Video Posted on YouTube™ prize, how will votes be tabulated each contest period?

The winning video will be chosen based on the difference between: 1) the number of views of the video as reported by YouTube™ on June 30 each year and 2) the greater of a) the number of views reported by YouTube™ on the registration date of the video on or b) the number of views reported by YouTube™ on the previous June 30th. True Hero will update the vote count from YouTube at least once per week, usually on Monday mornings.

Can I donate money to fund a school’s community service projects?

True Hero, Inc. does not accept money on behalf of any school’s community service projects. If you are inclined to donate to a particular school, we recommend that you contact the school directly and inquire about the community service projects listed on

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