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Village Light Fund

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Village Light Fund-VLF

“New Energy for a Better Health project”


Village Light Fund-VLF


Background of VLF

I grew up in a small village in Cameroon , Africa. I did most of my assignment using the candle light and sometimes under the moonlight. I only saw electricity at age 15 during a summer holiday when my sister invited me in the city. I learnt about solar energy when I was in third year in university studying Economics and was so caught because of my personal experience. VLF has as mission to improve life in

rural communities using technologies


“New Energy for a Better Health project”

Approximately, 60% of Cameroons 20 million population do not have access to electricity. This situation is particularly grim in rural areas where more than 90% of the inhabitants go without electricity. In the absence of this, health clinics in this areas go without lighting rendering vital medical equipments like refrigerators for the preservation of vaccines against communicable diseases like yellow fever, polio, and cholera absent. This year, UNICEF reported on what they termed “the worst cholera outbreak in the past 20years” with more than 12,391 cases reported leading to 748 deaths.


Project Area


The goal of this project is to install a

220 PV Wp solar electric system at the Rhumsiki health center. It will be use to service a vaccine refrigerator, a water pumping surface-pump supplying 2100 gallons/day, TV, and (3) 11w CFL bulbs. The refrigerator will be use to preserve vaccines while the TV for sensitization activities on HIV/AIDS and Malaria.


Project Area

Rhumsiki is located in one of Cameroon’s ten regions, the Far North. It has a population of over 5,000 inhabitants that depend on a small health center that is under staff and equipped. It has a daily sunshine of 9-10 hours with temperatures sometimes over 90 ?F in the summers. Because of it geographical location, potable drinking water is very difficult especially during the summer. Most people in this area are less educated. The major economic activities are cattle rearing, and subsistence farming(millet and cereals)



Collaborate with related NGOs to sensitize the population

about climate change, promote the use of solar energy and educate the population on its environmental and economic benefits. ? Since Cholera is caused by consuming contaminated water and

food and often spreads as a result of poor sanitation and hygienic practices, VLF will partner with the Cameroon Red cross to launch a campaign on “my home without cholera” to educate inhabitants on how to recognize the symptoms of cholera and where to seek treatment quickly. ? A tree planting event with the Rhumsiki secondary school that will also be conducted.


Project Dates: Wednesday, Aug 24, 2011 to Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Rhumsiki, Cameroon, Africa.
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Kirkwood Community College SIFE
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